All in one.
The freethinker Mozart

May 20 - June 19 2022

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Artiste étoile:
Isabel Mundry

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Beyond classical listening habits

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MozartLab 2022:
Spaces of resonance

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M PopUp: Space for discoverers,
co-creators and experimenters

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All in one

In 2021, Mozartfest Würzburg celebrated its 100th anniversary. 2022 now marks a new start, the beginning of a new century in the event’s history. We will, of course, continue to explore Mozart in all his ambivalence, to forge connections between his work and the present day. He has always been our source of inspirational input, and that will not change. A festival can only retain relevance if it addresses topical issues, or – as Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier put it in his 2021 opening speech in Würzburg – if it never stops trying »to save the classics from their worst enemy: the inviolable status of a museum piece«.

As befits such a new start, in 2022 we will be focusing on our musical present. Mozart would surely have expected us to do so. He was a freethinker in two ways: in his soul, because he pursued his own artistic avenues at all times, and in his behaviour, because he opposed social conventions. His music has always embodied both provocation and fascination, both consummate perfection and chaos. »All in one: The freethinker Mozart« is the motto of the Mozartfest 2022. You are most welcome!

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Concerts & Tickets

Classical concerts featuring symphonic, vocal or chamber music are spotlighted in around 80 events a year. Diversity is not a mere buzzword here, but an experientially embraced program.

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Program Facets

The Würzburg Residenz, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, churches, monasteries, wineries, palace gardens or industrial monuments are the stages for a multi-faceted cornucopia of events in which the focus is on shared appreciation and exploring aural sublimities.

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