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M PopUp - Space for Mozart

A city meets itself

The spontaneous, the work in progress - in Würzburg it gets its own space not only programmatically. A shop in the city centre will become the second home of the Mozart Festival during the festival period from 3 June to 1st July: M PopUp, the Space for Mozart, is a place for music and experiment, for exhibition and encounter, for discovering, co-designing, trying things out. In the urban everyday life, it provides an opportunity for participation and interaction. M PopUp creates free spaces to go to the interfaces of art, music and society and to formulate current questions. Without an occasion or appointment, anyone can simply drop by, find out about the programme and activities of the Mozart Festival, listen to PopUp concerts, take part in discussion groups or treat themselves to coffee with Mozart.

In its third year, the M PopUp, under the motto "StadtBegegnungen", questions, among other things, how our city sounds and what holds it together. The pianist Hanni Liang curated an extensive, citizen-oriented programme with her students at the Munich Academy of Music and, as host, opens the ears to the sound and stories of urban society. In four theme weeks, the concert designer sets different focal points together with people, institutions and initiatives from Würzburg: StadtKlang, StadtDialog, StadtZukunft, StadtTreffen.

In M PopUp, ensembles stage concert sessions and open rehearsals. Team members of the Mozart Festival provide information about the festival programme and let you look over their shoulders as they go about their daily work. Workshops provide opportunities to experience and discover.

The detailed programme and address will be published here in time for the start of the festival.