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100 years of the Mozartfest – that’s a hundred years during which the interpretation of Mozart has undergone repeated fundamental changes. Publications issued to mark the Mozartfest’s 100th anniversary address the multi-facetted engagement with such transformation and the consideration of his work. The book »Weil jede Note zählt. Mozart interpretieren« (Bärenreiter publishing house) (Because every note counts – Interpreting Mozart) uses essays and interviews with performers to explore Mozart’s music in its sound and sheet music forms. A comprehensive chronicle in the book looks back on 100 years of the Mozartfest in word and picture. The CD box Imperial Hall Concerts (Orfeo) provides an aurally vibrant impression of several decades of Mozart interpretation in the 20th and
21st centuries. The Bavarian broadcasting organisation Bayerischer Rundfunk has for its production granted access to live, previously unreleased recordings from Mozartfest concerts performed in the Kaisersaal. In his annotated edition containing the facsimile of Mozart’s letter dated 28 September 1790, moreover, the music historian Dr. Ulrich Konrad provides an insight into how source material research is conducted.

All publications are also available at the Mozartfest ticket office.