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The MozartLab – a place for creativity, encounter and innovation

The interdisciplinary MozartLab conducts research far beyond sounds into perceptual worlds of image, language, digital media and music philosophy.

»Now and then, even connoisseurs alone can receive satisfaction - but in such a way - that the non-connoisseurs must be satisfied with it, without knowing why.«
Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

Overcoming boundaries, going one's own way, combining the seemingly simple with the highest artistic standards - »all in one«, this characterizes the life and work of the freethinker Mozart. Against this background, this year's MozartLab takes up relevant topics of music education and concert practice and asks what classical music can and must achieve today.

In six sections, several lectures, panel discussions and open rehearsals, prominent lecturers and guests from various disciplines will provide insight into their work.

Fellowships were awarded in the following sections:

  • Creative Concert Formats
  • Classical Music and Digitization
  • Podcast

Each section works intensively - in theory and practice - on its own topic. Beyond the deepening of the content, there are numerous networking opportunities with all participants of the lab.