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The MozartLab – a place for creativity, encounter and innovation

Mozart's tools were not test tubes, but sounds. His field of experimentation: the human being. He is unsurpassed in his ability to sense everything human in his music, to translate existential being-there and being-so into music.

In the eleventh MozartLabor, Mozart's research into the human soul is the center of gravity. His work will once again be the starting point for artistic and social questions about the present.

Over four days, artists, scholarship holders and experts from academia, cultural management and the media will come together to examine the themes of this season in lectures, panel discussions and open rehearsals. In addition to opera and singing, the focus will be on questions about the responsibility that art and artists bear in the present. Artiste étoile Christophe Rousset and Clarry Bartha, an internationally successful singer and vocal coach, are two renowned voice and opera experts who will work with young singers on works by Mozart and his contemporaries.

In seven sections, several lectures, panel discussions and rehearsals, prominent lecturers and guests from various disciplines will open their workshops and invite participants to share their experiences.

Each section works intensively - in theory and practice - on its own topic. In addition to the in-depth content, there are numerous networking opportunities with all those involved in the lab.