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Artiste étoile

Christophe Rousset

»What I particularly love about my work is rediscovering sounds and repertoire. One of my greatest pleasures is bringing works back to life that have not been performed for centuries.« As Artiste étoile in Würzburg, Christophe Rousset will bring Mozart to the stage in the context of his European contemporaries.

An interpreter, says Rousset, is a creator who makes art visible and tangible. Music and art are essential for Rousset. »We need them,« he is certain. After all, he juxtaposes the duality of »Schuld & Vergebung« with a third moment, which for him is deeply inscribed in the soul of music in particular: consolation. Rousset discovered his love of 17th and 18th century music at an early age, studying harpsichord with Bob van Asperen in the early 1980s, giving concerts with leading baroque ensembles and assisting William Christie with Les Arts Florissants. In 1991, he founded his own ensemble, Les Talens Lyriques. As a tireless rediscoverer in the field of baroque opera, he has made an outstanding name for himself over the past three decades. Rousset is one of the pioneers, the revolutionaries of the early music scene and far beyond. He is both haunting and unobtrusive. A »Seelenforscher«.