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Beyond classical listening habits

Celebrating a classical music festival »for, with and by Mozart« in Würzburg does not in any way mean erecting a cult site of times gone by. Music is always alive in the here and now. Confronting Mozart with questions of the 21st century and making it possible to experience it from the present allows the concert to become an event space. »Unexpected« is the name of the concert series that has been crossing borders since 2021, presenting the unheard and tickling the senses with new sounds.

In creative formats and inspiring connections between pieces, young top ensembles question listening habits and invite audiences to rediscover how they hear and experience music. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to testing how classical music behaves at interfaces, shifts between times and genres, or gets up close and personal with supposedly alien worlds.

In the 2023 season, a rich program will again entice audiences to experience classical music outside of convention: in innovative formats, at unfamiliar venues, or in combination with new media.

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