Culture doesn’t come free of charge. But its value? Off the scale!

The support of committed partners from the business community, politics and society as a whole enables the Mozartfest Würzburg, even in its 100th year, to stage program with social relevance to the highest standards of artistic excellence. And the best thing about cultural sponsoring is this: it’s based on reciprocity. With your partnership at the Mozartfest, you are creatively underlining your entrepreneurial values and visibly demonstrating social responsibility.

Statement of our Lead Sponsor 2020

The Mozartfest is in Würzburg and in the entire surrounding region a superlative example of international excellence, and epitomises magnificent achievements in the field of music. This is a perfect match for the corporate philosophy of va-Q-tec. Coming from the university environment, the young company has in only a few years achieved front-ranking status on the international market through precisely this kind of performative pre-eminence – in the case of va-Q-tec in the field of thermal insulation and international thermologistics.

For us as an internationally operating company, with subsidiaries in eight different countries worldwide, it is exceptionally important and essential to be rooted in a region that boasts an international reputation so magnificently embodied by the Mozartfest. “Hosting the world in Würzburg” is one of the Mozartfest’s slogans, when eminent performers from all over the world lend the festival its distinctive character at out-of-the-ordinary venues. We shall in 2020 also be using our involvement with the Mozartfest to stage events in conjunction with the Mozartfest, and bringing our international partners, customers and investors to Würzburg for this purpose. The Mozartfest’s team has once again done a brilliant job with the preparations. They have put together an impressively attractive, artistically coruscating programme that indubitably deserves to be fully supported.

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO va-Q-tec AG

Thank you to our sponsors!