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Multi-sensory enjoyment

Enjoying music with all the senses

Music needs to be experientially savoured – preferably with all the senses. The enjoyment is a quintessential part of Franconian »savoir vivre«. The Mozartfest finds welcome inspiration here. Often, the musical experience is even more intensive when it’s not only the ears that are involved.

Gala concerts where the musical masterpieces are followed by culinary delights are accordingly just as apposite in the program of Mozartfest as sparkling-wine receptions and tastings of fine Franconian vintages before and during the concert or for a convivial conclusion. But nature and horticulture are also co-celebrants at the Mozartfest: the traditional »Nachtmusik« in the illuminated court garden, serenades in the rococo gardens of Schloss Veitshöchheim or a concert with a view spanning the green vistas of the Würzburg Golf Club invite our guests to enjoy music as a multi-sensory experience.