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In discourse

Questioning, Discovering, Exploring

You have to venture into unknown territory to discover something new. Music speaks for itself. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to help its messages to be heard. This is why the Mozartfest provides an opportunity to experience more, to question more, to explore the depths of profundity. Concert introductions before selected concerts communicate the backgrounds to works and composers.

The »Allzeit ...« series renders music topical in sociological, medical, musicological or art-historical terms. New avenues of cultural communication have been offered at the Mozartfest since 2014 in the shape of the MozartLab: in the midst of the ongoing festival, it offers a open sanctuary for investigations, discussions, experimentation, and also invites the audiences to enjoy passionate research for and with Mozart. In the anniversary season, the »MozartLab« was given a special format: in a series of lectures, the value of high culture was put to the test. The results are available since April 2022 in the publication »Wieviel Mozart braucht der Mensch?«