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In churches and monasteries

Mozart in historic monuments

Würzburg – city of churches. When he saw the abundance of church towers in Würzburg, Mozart may have been reminded of Salzburg. The cityscape nowadays is dominated by around 60 churches. Every year, the Mozartfest selects some of them as its venues, and interlaces music and sacral architecture to create an aura of symbiotic sublimity. The  »Bruckner im Dom« series, for instance, has found a home in St. Kilian’s cathedral.

Since 2019, the series has been accompanied by a musical »Echoraum« in the Museum am Dom, posing existential questions against a backdrop comprising 1,000 years of Christian sacral art. Additionally, the Exerzitienhaus Himmelspforten functions as an oasis of tranquillity for concerts and the MozartLab.