Mozartfest 2022

Mozartfest 2022, held in the year after the festival’s 100th anniversary, marks the start to a new century in the event’s history: a season that will again reflect the profile of a classical music festival which has always been both tradition-conscious and future-driven alike. The primary aims pursued in this season’s 84 events will be to explore the phenomenon of Mozart in all his ambivalence and discuss his many facets in a host of different ways. Constituting the programmatic starting point of each event, Mozart’s works, which were composed in the second half of the 18th century and have been enthralling audiences in concert halls and opera houses all over the world ever since, attest to both his superior musicianship and the timeless appeal of his scores.

»All in one: The freethinker Mozart« is the motto of this season. It embodies the fascination and provocation, the consummate perfection and ambivalence of Mozart’s works. It also highlights the iconoclastic attitude of the artist, whose thirst for knowledge transcended boundaries, and references his works to our musical present. To quote composer Isabel Mundry, the artiste étoile of the Mozartfest 2022: »We need musical stories to understand our present time, in all its complexity and diversity.« She is thus creating an intriguing arc to the past and future from the central starting point of the present day. »It’s all about incorporating the one into the other«, says Isabel Mundry. The composer has curated eight concert programmes for the Mozartfest along those lines. These quite deliberately avoid simply juxtaposing the traditional and the contemporary, allowing instead the works and eras to inform each other. The pieces chosen from Isabel Mundry’s richly nuanced œuvre which will be presented to the Würzburg audiences in 2022 reflect precisely this striving for pure, aurally vibrant musical moments. The world premiere of her latest work on 11 June will be one of the highlights in this year’s season. The work is called Signaturen. It was commissioned by the Mozartfest Würzburg, created in cooperation with the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and financed by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

Many musicians and ensembles whom Isabel Mundry has worked with will be making their debut at the Mozartfest 2022. These include the Resonanz ensemble, the Recherche ensemble and the Musikfabrik ensemble. Top-ranking ensembles and orchestras will be joined by soloists of international standing who are at home on the world’s concert stages. Vilde Frang, Carolin Widmann, Robert Levin, Seong-Jin Cho, Jörg Widmann, Nils Mönkemeyer and William Youn will be among the artists performing here in Würzburg in early summer.

A fresh outlook on Mozart

A new and unfamiliar way of listening to and enjoying music is offered with our Unexpected series where classical music meets world music, and jazz meets pop. The series features a young generation of musicians who are critically appraising classic concert conventions with verve and esprit. Here the audience will come into contact with fresh, unexpected auditory worlds.

The Stegreif.orchester, The Twiolins, the New Piano Trio and the Trio Clockwork, to name just a few, invite their audience to take part in new kinds of encounters with music. The Orchester im Treppenhaus conducted by Thomas Posth, the winner of last year’s prestigious DER FAUST German theatre prize, will also be returning to Würzburg to put together three days of Freispiel, turning the grounds of the former Bürgerbräu brewery in the west of Würzburg into a musical playing field.

Music room Mozart 2.0

Musical investigation and showcase, zeitgeist and fresh perspectives, science and knowledge transfer – all of this will again be provided in the MozartLabor. Academics and artists will join forces for a vivid, in-depth exploration of this year’s motto in all its different facets.

Performing Mozart and his works in Würzburg at different places throughout the festival is a long-standing tradition. But a dedicated room for projects, encounters and dialogue, for experimenting with the composer and his works, that was only inaugurated during last year’s anniversary season and will be continued in 2022. M PopUp is the name of the creative Mozart headquarters right in the city centre.

Enjoy Mozart on the couch and on the go

The radio, television and digital media partnerships remain broad-based and include Bayerischer Rundfunk, Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Main-Post and nmz. A total of 10 concerts will feature in broadcasts.

»Any time, anywhere« is what it’s all about. The podcast provides enjoyable and entertaining articles, dealing with big issues in the worlds of music, arts, politics, philosophy and life in general.

As of 27.1.2022

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Program Facets

The Würzburg Residenz, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, churches, monasteries, wineries, palace gardens or industrial monuments are the stages for a multi-faceted cornucopia of events in which the focus is on shared appreciation and exploring aural sublimities.

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