Mozartfest 2020

Resistance, Resurgence, Renewal

Every year is Mozart year – at least in Würzburg. Sometimes it’s also Beethoven year. »Freedom for renewal« was for Ludwig van Beethoven the purpose of all artistic creativity. Like Mozart, he always looked to the future, transcended boundaries. In this sense, we intertwine these two concepts, and think about »Resistance, Resurgence, Renewal«.

If it’s true that »authentic art is wilful«, as Beethoven says, then we have made the right choice with our Artiste étoile. Reinhard Goebel – violinist, conductor, teacher, music comprehender – is not shy of speaking his mind. He has conceived four programs for the Kaisersaal. He will also be teaching in the MozartLab, and exploring »Beethoven’s world« in a chat show format. We are spotlighting his intensive relationship with string-instrument music featuring multi-faceted line-ups: more than a dozen top-ranking violinists, including Viktoria Mullova, Carolin Widmann, Tianwa Yang and Augustin Hadelich, are enriching the Mozartfest, eight young string quartets, one string quintet, one string trio, two string duos. The list of pianists, too, is an imposing one: it includes Kit Armstrong, Martin Helmchen, Robert Levin, Jan Lisiecki, Fazıl Say, Ragna Schirmer, and Herbert Schuch.

The performers at the 2020 Mozartfest have addressed various themes in an admirably energetic spirit of enquiry. Together with them, we aim to experience the whence and whither of composers, works, and musical mindsets, focusing primarily on those of Beethoven’s works that are audibly reminiscent of his models. In several concerts, we shall also be encountering Mozart and Beethoven in a heterodox world of aural splendour between jazz and world music. Performers like Sebastian Sternal or the Hanke Brothers have written new works specifically for the Mozartfest.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, this year's Mozart Festival cannot take place in its usual and originally planned form. A Würzburg summer without music, without concerts and without Mozart? Unimaginable! Therefore Weitergehen ⎜ Mozartfest 2020 replaces the cancelled programme. It is not merely a replacement, but a creative confrontation with the crisis that is currently shaking cultural life to its foundations. Adapted to the exceptional situation, music is brought into the city, goes directly to the people and, despite all restrictions, focuses on the lively, direct experience of music. The individual events can be found here.

Program Facets

The Würzburg Residenz, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, churches, monasteries, wineries, palace gardens or industrial monuments are the stages for a multi-faceted cornucopia of events in which the focus is on shared appreciation and exploring aural sublimities.

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