Art Edition

Von Kunst besessen

Many years they were attendants of big concerts at the Kaisersaal. They are surrounded by the aura of unique musical experiences with outstanding artists. The in the 1980s acquired wooden chairs had their last appearance in the season of 2008. Since then the furniture is waiting at a storehouse for its revival.

The velvet upholstered chairs – in their former life they catered for comfortable seating during the Enjoyment of Art – now they will become an art project themselves. Forty examples were preprocessed, cleaned and will currently have their use as shapeable object d’art.

In close collaboration with Eydos GmbH – winner of the German Design Award 2022 – we acquired local artist for our first series of the Art Edition. The wooden lower surface now becomes the screen for the artists, which will visualize their interpretations there of this years theme: »All in one – Freethinker Mozart«. The completed pieces will be shown at the Mozartfest and you can also buy them afterwards.

The following artists participated in the Art Edition 2022:

Die ATE Crew, Dierk Berthel, Max Gehlofen, Maria Boldt, Hans Krakau, Robert Weissenbacher, Rebekka Bärthele, Marina Breitschaft, Tanja Riebel, Christoph Weiss.

In the Art Edition 2023 participated Matthias Braun and Kathrin Feser.