Mozart Moments 2020

Greetings from our artists!

It is not the first time that social events have emphatically demonstrated the relevance of a Mozartfest motto. And yet this time the impact was as unexpected as it was dramatic: when we chose the motto »Resistance, Resurgance, Renewal« for the Mozartfest 2020, we had no idea that there might be resistance against which we are powerless, that it would be necessary to grow into unknown new territory and that the discussion about continuing would be more explosive than ever.

But despite the social distance that the Corona crisis is forcing us to maintain, and which is currently making it impossible to practice and experience music together, we should, must and will continue. Even if the Mozartfest cannot take place in the usual form, we offer our artists a platform to share musical moments and to create a »moving further«. Because we cannot and we do not want to abandon that certain Mozart moment.

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