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In the World’s Cultural Heritage

Global stars of classical music in a princely ambience

On 27 September 1790, Wolfgang Amadé Mozart marvelled at the Würzburg Residenz. Today, the former seat of Würzburg’s Prince-Bishops ranks among the premier palatial estates of European baroque, and since 1981 has been included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage. Artists and architects like Balthasar Neumann, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Antonio Bossic created this unique architectural artwork.

With its world-famous staircase, its opulent halls and salons, plus the baroque palace gardens, the Residenz attracts visitors from all over the world to Würzburg. The majestic succession of rooms culminates in the Kaisersaal – the Mozartfest’s original, and since 1921 main venue, at which music and architecture coalesce to form a holistic work of art.