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Artiste étoile

Fixed star at the Mozartfest

Mozartfest in Würzburg means: above all, music! But it is also about cooperation, dialogue and discourse. The dialogue between artistic points of view leads to a programme whose highlights are set anew each year. For each season, the Mozartfest enters into a special dialogue with a soloist or ensemble. As Artiste étoile, outstanding interpreters are invited to shape the profile of a festival season with their artistic signature. In Würzburg, they are not only in demand on stage, but also as dramaturges and curators: in collaboration with the Artistes étoiles, programmatic focal points are created and the MozartLabor receives its orientation. Since 2014, Jörg Widmann, Renaud Capuçon, Kit Armstrong, Christiane Karg, the Schumann Quartet, Julian Prégardien, Reinhard Goebel and Isabrl Mundry have been the Artistes étoiles of the Mozart Festival.

Artiste étoile 2023

Ragna Schirmer is "politically one of the country's smartest, most circumspect and energetic artists" (FAZ) and will be Artiste étoile at the Mozartfest 2023. Ragna Schirmer has already presented herself in Würzburg in recent years as an artist who is virtuosic, committed and questioning in equal measure. Whether as a soloist alongside renowned orchestras, as a chamber music partner, in a moderated piano recital or on the podium of discussion rounds and lectures - the 2023 Artiste étoile will explore the fascination of Mozart in an intensive and diverse way.