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Artiste étoile

Fixed star at the Mozartfest

Mozartfest means in Würzburg: cooperation, dialogue, discourse. The exchange of artistic viewpoints creates a program that every year exhibits a redefined focus. For one season at a time, the Mozartfest enters into a special dialogue with a soloist or ensemble. Outstanding performers are invited as the Artiste étoile, to raise the profile of a festival season with their artistic input. They are welcomed in Würzburg not only on the stage, but also as dramaturgists: in conjunction with the Artiste étoile, programmatic emphases are created, and guidelines adumbrated for the MozartLab. Since 2014, Jörg Widmann, Renaud Capuçon, Kit Armstrong, Christiane Karg, the Schumann Quartett, Julian Prégardien and Reinhard Goebel have been the Artistes étoile of the Mozartfest.

Artiste étoile 2022

In 2022, the Mozartfest is set to feature its first composer as artiste étoile: Isabel Mundry. »Mozart appeals to me especially when he poses questions of identity«, says Mundry. In the programmes she is curating in Würzburg, Isabel Mundry will be focusing on the question of identity with regard to Mozart, in particular concerning the unavoidable influence of one’s own present. As core elements of her composition – including in relation to Mozart – she names the incorporation of the past within the present and vice versa, referencing the past, and the transmission and continuation of (hi)stories. Isabel Mundry will be featured at nine concerts in Würzburg (including some world premieres) as well as in the MozartLab.