Artiste étoile

Fixed star at the Mozartfest

Mozartfest means in Würzburg: cooperation, dialogue, discourse. The exchange of artistic viewpoints creates a program that every year exhibits a redefined focus. For one season at a time, the Mozartfest enters into a special dialogue with a soloist or ensemble. Outstanding performers are invited as the Artiste étoile, to raise the profile of a festival season with their artistic input. They are welcomed in Würzburg not only on the stage, but also as dramaturgists: in conjunction with the Artiste étoile, programmatic emphases are created, and guidelines adumbrated for the MozartLab. Since 2014, Jörg Widmann, Renaud Capuçon, Kit Armstrong, Christiane Karg, the Schumann Quartett, Julian Prégardien and Reinhard Goebel have been the Artistes étoile of the Mozartfest. They are all part of the anniversary season and will be guests in Würzburg in 2021.

Artiste étoile 2021

In 2021, the main focus is not on the artistic viewpoints and interpretational approaches of an eminent contemporary performer. Instead, Wolfgang Amadé Mozart himself becomes the »artiste étoile«. At the heart of this year’s artistic projects is the history of Mozart’s »oeuvre« in regard to interpretation, reception and impact, starting with Mozart’s own era and with a special focus on the 100 years since the Mozartfest’s foundation.