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Visualising Mozart is a challenging endeavour. All images of Mozart are invariably a rendering of the reality: the older ones idealise him, the younger ones attempt to interpret him. Every era forms its own picture of Mozart, and the Viennese classic still offers scope for interpretation, represents a projective option, a transfer image, a fantasy. When you try to imagine Mozart, what picture forms in your mind? In the IMAGINE MOZART | MOZART BILDER exhibition, the Mozartfest displays a panoramic range of representations from visual artists who have been inspired by Mozart’s oeuvre and personal character in the last 250 years. As visitors proceed through the exhibition, they are able to explore the repeated changes in the relationship between visual artists and Mozart, each image reflecting its own era, on the basis of pictorial self-testimonies like original letters and sheet music autographs from the composer. Prestigious works of art by painters like Klee, Kokoschka, Schinkel and Slevogt, plus a huge range of styles and techniques, reinforce the fundamental transformation that Mozart images and ideas have undergone from the 18th century right up to the present time.

Every Saturday during the Mozartfest 2021, Damian Dombrowski and Ulrich Konrad juxtaposed exhibits from the exhibition with compositions by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and others. You can find the videostreams on the YouTube channel of the Mozartfest.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by Deutscher Kunstverlag with contributions by Damian Dombrowski, Andrea Gottdang, Ulrich Konrad, Carolin Goll, Christoph Großpietsch, Werner Telesko and Denise Wendel-Poray.

Experience the exhibition audiovisually with the augmented reality app »Mozart & More«! Hold your smartphone or tablet on the exhibits marked with the symbol and learn more about the pictorial themes, historical background and Mozart's music in texts, audio and video examples. Your own headphones are required. The app will be available in all major app stores on May 14, 2021.

qr-code Ausstellung The app is available in all major app stores.

Watch the exhibition opening on the Mozartfest YouTube channel.