M PopUp

The spontaneous, the work in progress - in Würzburg it gets its own space not only programmatically. A store in the city center will become the second home of the Mozart Festival during the festival period from June 3 to July 1. In 2023, the store between Café Schönborn and TK Maxx will become a space for Mozart. Directly on the market square, M PopUp spontaneously invites all passers-by to take a musical break. Between colorful walls and comfortable seating, there are instruments, participatory events and information about the Mozart Festival and Würzburg.

Concept and design by the THWS Technische Hoschule Würzburg Schweinfurt, Faculty of Design Würzburg, project course Prof. Gertrud Nolte.

Project partner of the M PopUp is the VR Bank. M PopUp is supported by the network tuned sponsored by the Bundeskulturstiftung.

Parking facilities:
Paid parking in the parking garage Marktgarage.

Public transport:
Streetcar: Stop "Dom" or stop "Rathaus".


M PopUp
M PopUp