Shalom Europa

The Jewish Community of Würzburg and Lower Franconia together with the Initiativkreis has built the new Jewish Community and Cultural Center Shalom Europa. This project is associated with an exemplary renewal of Jewish life in this region and beyond.
On the area around the synagogue, which was built in 1970 and has now been expanded, a complex of buildings has been created whose design and dedication meet the needs of a growing community and a vision that reaches far beyond regional borders - that is what the name Shalom Europa stands for.

The events will take place inside the David-Schuster-Saal.

There is limited parking available.

Public transport:
Bus: Stop »Valentin-Becker-Straße «


Shalom Europa
Valentin-Becker-Straße 11
97072 Würzburg
Shalom Europa
Valentin-Becker-Straße 11
97072 Würzburg