Burg Wertheim

The ruins of Burg Wertheim, landmark of the city and at the same time one of the largest stone castles in southern Germany, rise on a mountain spur between the confluence of the Main and Tauber rivers. Due to its special topographical position, the castle and the old town seem to form a single unit. The people of Wertheim also like to refer to it as their »castle«, thus underlining the importance of the complex, which still appears self-contained today.

Parking garage »Altstadt«
Parking lot »Packhofstraße«
Underground praking »Mühlenstraße«

Public transport:
Train: Stop »Altstadt«


+ Footpath to the castle with limited accessibility (incline), further information also at +

Burg Wertheim
Schloßgasse 11
97877 Wertheim
Burg Wertheim
Schloßgasse 11
97877 Wertheim