Gen-Z meets Silver

Into the concert as a generation tandem

Culture is exchange. Culture thrives on encounters. There is no question that attending a concert in community is much more enriching and an even more intense experience - regardless of the stage of life. That's why the Mozart Festival invites people of different generations to experience music together.

Who can take part?

Music enthusiasts of all ages are invited to attend a Mozartfest concert as a tandem of two different generations (approx. 30 years apart in age).

What can we expect as a tandem?

At selected events, all participants will receive a free programme booklet as well as a piccolo to enjoy at home.
In addition to the concert visit, M PopUp offers workshops and a joint closing event. This will give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of sound and experience of the other generation and to get to know other possible concert partners.

With "Gen-Z trifft Silber" (Gen-Z meets Silver), the Mozart Festival is participating in the "Generations in Dialogue" campaign year of the Würzburg Seniors' Council and the City of Würzburg.