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The Mozartfest Würzburg ended its 99th season on 27 June 2020 with a programme by the lautten compagney under Wolfgang Katschner. Under corona pandemic conditions, the festival team had quickly put together an alternative three-week program with a total of 40 events, which was primarily based on the encounter between musicians and audience. 

The motto of the Festival, which refers to the compositional work of Mozart and Beethoven, »Resistance. Resurgance. Renewal.« had taken on a completely new relevance under the changed circumstances. Thanks to the strong support of the partners from the city, state, the Friends association and sponsors, it was possible to bring live music to the people for three weeks despite the difficult planning framework and without large proceeds. In this way, Würzburg has set an important signal in the nationwide festival landscape for the continuation in times of crisis and the growth in the collapse of the familiar. In its almost 100-year history, the Mozartfest has shown its profile several times.

»How the city of Würzburg and the Mozartfest have positioned themselves in the Corona period is more than a verbal commitment to art and culture. Here people live the claim of being a city of culture: out of common conviction and passion. The fact that we have managed, under these difficult circumstances, to bring music to a live concert audience for the first time was a liberation - not least for the musicians.«  
(Artistic director Evelyn Meining)

The activities of the Forum Musik Festival, in which the Mozartfest plays a central role, were aimed at entering into dialogue with politicians at the federal and state level in view of the precarious situation of cultural organizers and to offer help for action. The activities were well received - also in the media. The Mozartfest has fulfilled its social responsibility towards the artists in a special way: Cancellation fees are paid and concerts are postponed. As compensation for cancelled concerts, a digital pinboard for video messages from the artists was also set up on the website