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100 years of Mozartfest - 100 years of closeness through music!

Dear friends of the Mozartfest!

»Without Mozart and his music, our self-understanding, our understanding of the world and the possibilities of finding an expression for it would be missing something irreplaceable.« When the anniversary season of the Mozartfest began on May 28, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier found the right words for the significance of the moment. Now an extremely happy festival season lies behind us, in which the irreplaceable was not missing. In which much more was possible than it seemed for a long time. The work, the hopes, the perseverance have paid off: it was possible to play! We were finally able to share the unique moment when music was heard live with an audience again.

»100 years of closeness through music« was the motto of the anniversary season: we are overjoyed that it could actually be redeemed. In more than 80 events with musical moments full of intense immediacy, world-class artists, orchestras and ensembles as well as an enthusiastic audience celebrated 100 years of Mozartfest with us. Once again, the Mozartfest has presented itself as a place where the world's musical elite meets to reflect on Mozart's work and relate it to the present. The fact that almost every available seat in the concerts was occupied showed us how great the desire for the (musical) live experience is, especially in times of crisis.

The premiere of a special commissioned production became a central event: the ensemble Les Talens Lyriques under the direction of Christoph Rousset brought »Idomeneo« to the Kaisersaal stage. After two brilliant performances, Concerti magazine said, »It doesn't always have to be Salzburg in Mozart matters at festival times.« Thanks to extensive coverage of the anniversary season by media partners BR-KLASSIK and Deutschlandfunk, as well as streaming services, Würzburg's »Idomeneo« can be relived digitally, as can numerous other orchestral concerts, chamber music, accompanying events and a TV documentary on the history of the Mozartfest.

For 100 years, the Mozartfest has been firmly anchored in Würzburg and is supported by a committed city community. The »100 for 100« project impressively proved that it is undoubtedly a festival of the people of Würzburg. The initiative has received an extraordinarily large response. We are overwhelmed by the commitment of the people of Würzburg and delighted that the project has been nominated for the OPUS KLASSIK 2021 in the category »Special Award for Audience and Participation Projects«. It is the most beautiful confirmation that a music festival can wish for: to have found its place in the middle of people's everyday lives, to be of importance to the community.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all the participants, supporters and friends of Mozart who have filled 100 years of Mozartfest with life.

Your team of the Mozartfest Würzburg

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